• Thanks to its docks measuring respectively 480 and 450 metres, with a width of 150 metres and a depths of 11 metres, Molo Rinascita is one of the best cruise facilities in the Mediterranean;
  • The cruise ship docks are located at short distance from the city, with its monuments, museums, beaches and scenic places;
  • The area offers a wide variety of destinations for cultural interest excursions (archaeological sites), scenic excursions (natural parks, marine protected areas, beaches) and food and wine tasting excursions;
  • The port of Cagliari is remarkably close to the international airport of Elmas (only 7 km far away), and the two are connected by a fast road (the journey takes just a few minutes) and a recently opened train line;
  • The port of Cagliari has an interesting geographical location on the east-west routes of the south-west Mediterranean, not far from Tunis (145 NM), Trapani (175 NM), Palermo (205 NM), Civitavecchia (225 NM), Port Mahon (250 NM), Naples (260 NM), Livorno (300 NM);
  • Cagliari Cruise Port is (along with Venice Passenger Terminal, Ravenna Passenger Terminal, Catania Cruise Terminal and Brindisi Cruise Port) part of the "The Italian Cruise Terminal Professionals" product club.